HARTMAN ENGINEERING has provided engineering expertise to a variety of clients. This has been in the form of peer evaluation of design work, problem analysis and solution as a project proceeds and evaluation of site conditions for a variety of situations.

Some major activities include the following:

  • Emergency evaluation of the structural integrity of a hospital building and minimization of damage during a flood and then direction of subsequent salvage operations.

  • Evaluation of the extent of damage to a manufacturing facility after a flood.

  • Evaluation of the structural integrity of a dam to allow trains carrying nuclear waste to pass over the dam.

  • Review of the design for a large closed cell cofferdam used to construct a tidal generating plant in South Korea. Included were recommendations for alterations of the design to reduce costs and facilitate construction.

  • Analysis of conditions that caused the floor of an underground parking garage in Puerto Rico to heave.

  • Project supervision for an insurance company during the clean-up and reconstruction of a pier that was damaged during demolition of an adjacent grain elevator.

  • Recommendations for support of a crane during the lifting of a large replica of a US Navy sailing vessel.

  • Observation and certification of pile load tests.

As indicated by the partial list above, HARTMAN ENGINEERING can provide a large variety of services to a many different clients.

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