Hartman Engineering is a co-sponsor with the L. B. Foster Company of the JOINT COMMITTEE FOR EDUCATION AND TRAINING. The purpose of this organization is to provide educational opportunities to engineers who design steel sheet piling structures. Contractors and others whose work includes the construction and use of such structures have found the knowledge acquired at these events to be important to them also.

Since the fall of 2005 more than 1000 people have attended seminars held in the following cities:

• Rochester, New York • New Orleans, Louisiana • Northern New Jersey • St. Paul Minnesota
• Tampa,Florida • Ft. Lauderdale, Florida • Dallas, Texas • Columbus Ohio
• Seattle, Washington • Pittsburgh, Pennsyvania • Los Angeles, California • Savannah, Georgia
• Houston, Texas • Atlanta, Georgia • Kansas City, Missouri • Panama City, Panama
• Monroe, New Jersey • Chicago, Illinois • Richmond, Virginia • Augusta, Georgia
• Newington, Connecticut • Orlando, Florida • Baltimore, Maryland • Portland, Maine

Currently Shceduled Seminars:

For information please complete the contact form. New seminars are being planned; please check this page periodically for one near you. If you would like to co-sponsor a seminar in your area contact:

Sandra Goodemote
Joint Committee for Education and Training

Richard Morales
L. B. Foster Company


SEMINARS:   2017 and 2018 Seminars are now being scheduled. Please check again Soon.
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